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Creating and developing new ideas and products is time consuming and complicated process.  What if your idea won’t work or there is no demand for it?  What if your idea has tremendous potential and initial demand will be so big you won’t be able to handle it?

This is why we created Applied Logic.  We take your initial idea and build a rapid market test model.  We use live channels and actual marketing data to give you valuable insights that you can’t get elsewhere.  Best of all we can do it within a 3-6 weeks!

Before you Invest - Test!
Get real-world marketing KPI data for any concept in any industry.  We create the brand and test actual marketing channels like PPC, Social Media, Email and more to get the data you need.
Customized Technologies
We build your own marketing prototypes.  Mini-sites, Landing Pages, Ad Campaigns, everything we test is hand-crafted, in-house by our expert team of marketers.  We’ll make sure that our deliverables are tailored to your needs.
Clear and Concise Reporting
Customized reporting to make sure you can easily track KPI’s and deliverable performance.  We work with all major reporting technologies and can provide you with the data you need to make mission-critical business decisions.
Delivering Critical Data
Save tens of thousands of dollars before you invest in product development.  Get market fit and analysis data based on actual campaigns and marketing data.  With our Rapid Market Testing (RMT) you can make the right decisions for your business.


Our Rapid Market Testing Platform utilizes a wide array of tools, channels and reports to give you a complete picture of the viability of your idea or concept.  Everything we prepare is managed by our team internally using our proprietary marketing technology.

Market Fit

Customized market fit data leveraging our proprietary marketing stack

Product Testing

Looking to launch a new product? Get real-world KPI and demand data


Our creative team will develop a new brand specifically so you can test your impact.

Mini-Sites and Landing Pages

We’ll build highly engaging mini-sites and landing pages so we can easily test and iterate your concept.

KPI Reporting

We provide 360 degree reporting.  Every KPI you choose will be carefully prepared in a customized report.

Search Engine Marketing

We prepare dedicated SEM campaigns for your idea – and run initial optimization efforts giving you valuable CPA data.

Tailored Content

We’ll craft highly engaging content to go along for your initial market testing.

Social Media Engagement

We’ll measure the impact of your idea or concept through social media channels and translate it to engagement KPI’s

Our Process Our Process


Initial Idea or MVP


You Sign up to Applied Logic


We have a project kickoff


We prepare and Deploy Marketing assets


We test your idea and begin collecting marketing data


Within 4-6 weeks we provide you with a comprehensive market analysis report

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